The best way to show your clients you care is through a personal touch.  Moody Seagull provides handmade creative work with stamp carving, gold leafing and watercolour painting.  Carefully selected materials are used to create products that are beautiful to touch and are extremely personal.  In this fast paced digital age where much is fleeting and anonymous, this is where meaningful gifting starts.


Services provided include:



Interactive workshops with onsite support.  Stamps can be precarved based on the theme of the event (e.g. new perfume has scents of peony, lemon and magnolia).  Guests can create their own postcards as a keepsake using precarved stamps and inkpads.


Gifts and bespoke stationery

-Bespoke door gifts for guests to take home as a keepsake.

-Lettering services for personalised messages (e.g. for the media, corporate gifts).

-Bespoke stationery (e.g. invitations, place cards, save the date cards).



Available for artwork and illustration commissions for creative project campaigns. 


Example of postcard after stamping
Interactive workshop
Precarved stamp
On site support
Example of gift
(drawstring bag with handcarved rose)
Gold leaf
Example of place cards
(watercolour and hand torn deckled edges)
Example of place cards
(gold leaf, hand torn deckled edges and matt varnish)
Example of lettering
(adjacent to handcarved panther stamp)
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